The Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, originally formed in 1984 to help recognize the exceptional, often unheralded, service of the members of the Corps. The Foundation funded the Annual Reserve Officer of the Year Banquet, a dinner honoring the outstanding reserve officers of that year, a tradition established in the late 1970s.

In the late 1980s, the Foundation began to fund equipment, training and morale-building activities like the Care and Share, the building of the Academy Chapel, the Reserve Picnic and the creation of a welfare fund to assist reserves and in time of need. In the late 1990s the annual Twice A Citizen dinner event was begun, to honor the service of community leaders, highlight the Reserve Corps and its efforts, as well as to raise funds. In 2004 both events were merged into the “Twice A Citizen Awards Dinner”.

Today, the Foundation’s primary mission is to provide financial support for the Reserve Corps. Our Board of Directors includes community leaders and fellow LAPD Reserve Officers and members of the Corps, who meet regularly, to serve those who serve. The funding efforts include reimbursements for training conference fees, safety equipment and firearms purchases not covered by the Department, as well as support for community events such as Reserve Recruitment, Special Olympics, and Sunshine Kids. We have helped to provide additional equipment and funds for training that can be essential to officer safety – bullet-proof assault vests to reserve officer members of the Police Rifle Cadre, state-of-the-art flight helmets for reserve pilot/ observers, and equipment for mounted units. Much of this equipment can be prohibitively expensive for any one individual, especially in these challenging economic times, and the funding by the Foundation has been, in this very real sense, a lifeline. The Foundation has also provided travel assistance for reserves representing the LAPD at national and international events. And we have provided bereavement and emergency assistance to reserves and their families.

Our Los Angeles Reserve Police Officers have quietly, steadfastly, served our great City for a very long time, often putting their lives on the line. It is with this history of service and sacrifice in mind that our goal is to continue to supply, equip, support – and honor – the members of our Los Angeles Police Reserve Corps.

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