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Shaquille O'neal Reserve posterJoin the Los Angeles Police Department Reserve Corps!

Reserve police officers are individuals who have careers in another profession,
would like to volunteer to serve the community as a reserve officer,
and are trained by the Los Angeles Police Academy.

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New York City has 36,000 police officers. Chicago has 20,000 police officers. Los Angeles has 10,000 police officers.

The Reserve Corps is a vital asset for the reduction and prevention of crime in our city. This program is the finest example of true community policing in the United States. Become a part of the team.

Attend an orientation seminar! Until further notice due to COVID-19 protocols, orientations are being held via electronic media. Please submit an information request form to be invited to our next event.


For more information, call (213) 486-6000 or email lapdreserves@lapd.lacity.org.