LAPRF Tourniquet Initiative

The Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation procured a limited supply of tourniquets and tourniquet belt holsters for distribution to reserve officers working in the field.

Dr. Kenji Inaba, an LAPD reserve police officer and the Department’s chief medical officer, said, “The issue of hemorrhage control is one of the single most important areas where our patrol officers can make a difference and save a life.”

In an April 2 email to the Corps, Reserve Officer Mel Kennedy, who headed up distribution of the items to officers, said, “We believe that it is increasingly vital to have an additional tourniquet on your person such as a TQ placed in your sap pocket or in belt carrier. We have chosen both items to meet the current Department standard.” The goal was to first supply the tourniquets to any level reserves who were working their shifts in the field or in high-risk details.

For current availability, email Reserve Officer Kennedy at You should include your name, serial number, division of assignment and affirmation that you have had prior TQ training.