Department Reserve Coordinator’s Message

The events of the past several years have presented the city of Los Angeles and the Department with unprecedented and daunting challenges. Our Department was tested by the pandemic, which resulted in the loss of personnel and the City declaring a state of emergency. Simultaneously, the city faced protests and property destruction resulting from civil unrest that swept the country, requiring the Department to mobilize for the first time since the 1992 riots. The Department’s ability to persevere and overcome adversity during these difficult times was only achieved through the continued support of the Los Angeles Police Department Reserve Corps. Your selfless sacrifice knows no bounds and is continually exemplified by your operational support during the holiday season, high-visibility foot beats, dedication to training our Department and generous charitable work.

I’m encouraging all of you outstanding men and women to reflect on the time when you answered the call to service. That sense of duty within each and every one of you called you to do more for your community as you strove to make a positive impact for Los Angelenos by becoming a reserve officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. I applaud your commitment to the program and answering when called, time and time again. Your exemplary service to your city and your Department has never been more needed.

I’m humbled to have the honor of serving as the reserve coordinator for this great Department. My door is always open, and I welcome any ideas that you may have to strengthen our partnership and better serve the citizens of Los Angeles. I truly value your input, so please contact me directly at, or contact my staff at (213) 484-6633 or with any questions or suggestions. I look forward to continuing to serve this great city alongside each of you.