Firearms Qualification Update

As The Rotator went to press, the standard qualification calendar was replaced with this notice, which was posted in the LAPD In-Service Training Facebook group by Captain Peter Casey on May 26, and shared to the LAPD Reserve Officers group:

“June/July 2020 FOS Qualification Cycle has been canceled. ISTD and TG are working on a new and improved qualification ops plan. Once training and qualification resume, our ops plan will significantly increase qualification days and hours at Davis.

“Due to ongoing concerns, for every Department employee (including reserves and retirees), hygiene protocol shall be followed (social distancing, face masks and wipe-down of Department ear and eye protection). ISTD is encouraging everyone to bring their own personal ear and eye protection.

“Once qualification opens back up, ISTD will resume the exchange of duty ammo for those who were unable to do so. Continue to monitor [the ISTD FB group] and the Department LANS for updates and notifications.”