Huckleberry’s Retirement

On March 30, Gary Copeland shared a touching message about Huckleberry’s retirement on the LAPD Mounted Platoon’s Facebook page. The Dodgers opening day (March 29) detail was Huckleberry’s last. Copeland said that Huck would be spending his retirement days with Reserve Officer J.T. Alpaugh, being pampered and occasionally ridden by two little girls. According to Copeland, Huckleberry “was a horse that anybody could ride and was often ridden by children in our Mini Mounties program and our Children’s Support Group.” During his time with the Mounted Unit, Huckleberry was deployed on many crime suppression details, search and rescue, and crowd control incidents. “Huck was a great asset to the Platoon, and we thank him for his service,” said Copeland. “He will enjoy a well-deserved retirement.” Reserve Officer J.T. Alpaugh and Huckleberry were profiled in Spring 2008 issue of The Rotator: