LAPRF Reimburses BDU Uniforms During COVID-19

BDUs, the new normal during COVID-19. Left to right: Reserve Officer Steven Hong, Officer P3 Jonathan Johnson (reserve coordinator), and Reserve Officers Glenn Oster, Bernard Khalili and Trevor Ingold (HWD Area).

In March, as the Department authorized the wearing of BDUs during the COVID-19 crisis, the LAPRF Board of Directors voted to reimburse reserve officers who purchase the wash-and-wear utility uniforms during the period. 

The proposal, written by Director Mel Kennedy, said: “Without the ability to dry clean their uniform in a reliable fashion during this crisis, reserve officers would increase their exposure potential and that of their fellow employees and the public. This is precisely the circumstances in which our Foundation can fulfill its purpose in support of our reserve officers.”

The Board authorized a reimbursement grant of up to $175 per active reserve police officer, upon request and with receipt, for their purchase (March 15 or after) of the LAPD-authorized BDU (pant and shirt with patches). This initiative will continue until the Department order is rescinded, or until the LAPRF otherwise determines a deadline.

The LAPD authorization to wear the BDU stated, “In an effort to further encourage cleanliness and good hygiene in our workplaces, effective immediately, those Department personnel who have BDUs are permitted to wear them in place of their regular Class A or Class C uniform. Due to their ‘wash and wear’ characteristics, they will be allowable attire until further notice. The expectation is that the BDUs be in good repair and worn within our professional standards.”

For updates and to request BDU reimbursement, email