Presidents’ Message – Winter 2023

Message From the Co-Presidents of the Reserve Foundation

The holidays are here, and through the year, dedicated Board members of the Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation (LAPRF) have continued to support and promote the Corps with continuing initiatives such as partial reimbursement (for the sixth year in a row!) of the Protective League’s basic legal defense plan. Wound-care packs (announced at the Twice a Citizen gala) will be available shortly, and the new red-dot sight reimbursement for those who complete the Pistol Mounted Optics (Red Dot) Transition Course as a reserve officer was announced. Look for details about the California Reserve Peace Officers Association (CRPOA) Conference in the Los Angeles area, to be scheduled for August 2024. Not only does LAPRF reimburse “early bird” attendance fees, ARPOC offers up to 24 CRT training hours!

Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship winners: Joseph Alegre, Alma Burk and Ophelia Terrientes. And a reminder that the Vocational Scholarship remains available; click here for details. Donated by Jeff and Heather Nocket and Todd and Cheryl Moore, with supplemental support from Joe Wong, the Vocational Scholarship is offered to LAPD reserve officers’ children or grandchildren.

More congratulations: Thanks to Chief of Police Michel Moore, Billy Brockway, now former Department Reserve Coordinator, has been promoted to Deputy Chief in charge of CSPB. Former Reserve Officer (Class 5-93R, classmate of LAPRF Co-President Michael Sellars) and now Commander Gisselle Espinoza is the new Department Reserve Coordinator. We look forward to working with her!

We are often asked why the Foundation, in producing the Twice a Citizen gala, has honorees from the community who are recognized alongside our Reserve Police Officers of the Year. The community honorees help raise vital funds to ensure not only that reserve officers can attend the event for free, but also that we can continue offering all of these ongoing funding initiatives, plus training day meals, advocacy and promotion of the Corps to the greater community as well as procurement of additional potential lifesaving equipment, like the wound-care packs and tourniquets. Without the revenue generated from this event, these initiatives and more would not be possible. With that in mind, put May 4, 2024, for Twice a Citizen into your calendar, and we’ll see you there!

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season. Thank you for your commitment to serve, and we look forward to serving you in the new year.

By Karla Ahmanson

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a beloved member of our Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation (LAPRF) family. Attorney John LeRoy Moriarity, dean of the San Fernando Valley practitioners, has died at the age of 90 after 62 years of law practice.

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney and retired Reserve Officer Steve Cooley remarked: “Honest, accomplished lawyer, philanthropist, military man, supporter of law enforcement, patron of the arts, contributor to the civic well-being — John was all of these in addition to being a great friend to many and an exquisite gentleman. I have known John for nearly three decades. We belonged to some of the same organizations. John was an American patriot and true citizen!”

We couldn’t have said it better. John will truly be missed. May God bless John and his loved ones. We are all sharing in your sadness.