Reserve Exceptional Service Ribbon Reminder

If you received a Reserve Officer of the Year award at the May 2023 Gala or at any time in the past for Division/Area, Bureau or Department, remember that you are eligible to receive the Reserve Exceptional Service Ribbon. 

In the Department Notice dated February 23, 2017, the chair of the Uniform Committee, Deputy Chief William A. Murphy, announced newly approved uniform and equipment items approved by the Committee and the Chief of Police. This included, as per the Notice:

“The Department has approved the creation of a Department ribbon commemorating the accomplishment of reserve police officers who are awarded the Divisional, Bureau, and Department reserve police officer of the year awards.

“Each year, reserve police officers are recognized by the Los Angeles Police Reserve Foundation (LAPRF) and the Department during the Twice a Citizen award ceremony. To increase the recognition of this honor, Reserve Police Officer Michael Sellars Serial #R2356, Co-President of the LAPRF, Hollywood Area, recommended that the Department create the Exceptional Service Ribbon for the Reserve Officer of the Year.”

The design of the ribbon is based on the Reserve Service Ribbon with gold color added in the center, and devices added for the Bureau and Department honor, respectively. Officers can wear the ribbon and device for the highest single Reserve Officer of the Year awarded to date.

To get this ribbon, contact Mel Kennedy at