Reserve Journey Miniseries

Since July, a miniseries of episodes on the Department’s podcast, Our LAPD Story, has focused on what it’s like to become an LAPD reserve police officer. The Reserve Journey Miniseries follows Public Information Director Josh Rubenstein as he embarks on this path, including his first day at the Academy, firearms training and learning first aid. Along the way, listeners not only hear about Rubenstein’s experiences, but they also meet other members of his reserve class and learn about their reasons for answering this higher call to service.

“Changing careers and taking a job with the Los Angeles Police Department has been the hardest and most challenging venture I’ve ever undertaken, and becoming a reserve police officer has only heightened the significance of my journey,” Rubenstein told The Rotator. “While I’ve always felt very comfortable being a powerful voice for our officers and this Department, my goal in becoming a reserve officer was to have a more meaningful understanding of the LAPD and ultimately law enforcement as a profession. With both of those goals accomplished, I hope to share my story and encourage more average Angelenos to take the call and live life in our city as twice a citizen.”

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