Woolsey Fire: Reserves on Duty

In November 2018, the Woolsey Fire — one of several wildfires that broke out in California that month — burned nearly 100,000 acres of land. The fire destroyed over 1,600 buildings, killed three people and resulted in the evacuation of almost 300,000.

“The fire raced through the chaparral-covered steep canyons where it encountered historic movie and TV sets, small ranches and the homes of celebrities. Hundreds of homes in Malibu were destroyed or damaged on both sides of Pacific Coast Highway,” according to Wikipedia.

LAPD reserve police officers were present throughout, serving in a variety of capacities.

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From Reserve Police Officer Ronnie Hadar: “Another day of fire emergencies. Escorting residents of Bell Canyon back to their homes to collect essential articles and assisting news media from China and Germany. My friend and partner, Reserve Officer Steve Fazio, and I took a little break and went to the Caring and Sharing community event to meet children in need. The goal of the event is to give back to our community, to embrace the spirit of giving and to bring joy to all kids. It was great to meet celebrities like James Caan, who participated in this wonderful event.”

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